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Toilet Installation & Repair in Houston

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Professional Toilet Installation Services

When it comes to professional installation of new toilets for residential, Red One Plumbing is your trusted partner for top-notch service. We pay close attention to every detail during toilet installation and repair, ensuring precise placement, secure connections, and leak prevention.

For toilet repair and maintenance of existing toilets, our licensed plumbers are experts in addressing common issues such as running toilets, stubborn clogs, and leaks, as well as repairing or replacing components like fill valves, flappers, flush valves, and wax rings. We also offer the option to upgrade to water-efficient toilet models, promoting savings and environmental conservation.

With our experienced team of plumbers, we ensure that your toilet functions flawlessly, providing you with sanitary and efficient waste disposal. At Red One Plumbing, we prioritize your satisfaction, delivering a professional, customer-centric approach that combines expertise with simplicity, making your toilet installation and repair experience reliable and hassle-free.

Allow the experienced plumbers of Red One Plumbing to provide you with peace of mind today – give us a call at 281-967-3130 and request your free toilet installation and repair estimate.

Toilet Installation and Repair Houston

common types of toilets we offer & optional toilet features

For residential toilets, we offer a variety of common toilet types to suit your preferences and needs.

Types of toilets:

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One-Piece Toilets

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Two-piece toilets

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Wall-Mounted Toilets

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Comfort Height Toilets

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Pressure-Assist Toilets

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Dual-Flush Toilets

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Low-Flow Toilets

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smart toilets

Optional Toilet Features:

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Elongated Bowls

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Anti-Microbial Glazing

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Round Bowls

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Quiet-Close Seats

We can assist you in selecting the best toilet for your bathroom. Whether you need to replace your current toilet or upgrade to a new one, don't hesitate to call our plumbers today at (281) 967-3130. We provide free estimates. Call us now!

our exceptional toilet repair services

While you may not be certain about what's causing problems with your old toilet, our licensed plumbers are here to help. Call us today to schedule your toilet repair service, and we will inspect your toilet for for the following issues:

Wax Ring Replacement

A faulty wax ring under a toilet can lead to several issues, including water leaks, unpleasant odors, and potential damage to the floor and subfloor around the toilet. It's crucial to replace it promptly to prevent further problems.

Flush Valve Repair or Replacement

A malfunctioning flush valve can lead to incomplete flushing or constant running. Our plumbers offer efficient flush valve repair or replacement for a smoothly functioning, water-conserving toilet.

Fill Valve Replacement

When your toilet's fill valve isn't working properly, it can result in slow tank filling or constant running. We provide quick and effective fill valve replacement to restore your toilet's efficient performance.

Flapper Replacement

A worn-out flapper can cause toilet problems like continuous running. Our experts offer speedy and efficient flapper replacement to restore your toilet's proper functionality. Contact us for a quick solution.

Toilet Handle Replacement

If your toilet handle is broken or sticking, it can be frustrating. We provide swift and reliable toilet handle replacement services to ensure your toilet flushes smoothly. Contact us for a quick fix.

Clog Removal

Clogged drains can disrupt your daily routine. We offer reliable clogged toilet repair services by using snake machines, toilet augers and even hydro jetting for drain cleaning. Contact us for best solutions.

Leak Repair

Toilet leaks can lead to water wastage and damage. Our expert plumbers offer quick and effective toilet leak repair services, ensuring a water-tight solution. Contact us for a prompt fix.

Tank or Bowl Replacement

When your toilet tank or bowl is damaged, it can disrupt your bathroom routine. Our experts provide fast and reliable tank or bowl replacement services, ensuring a seamless and functional toilet.

Anti-Siphon Valve Replacement

A malfunctioning anti-siphon valve can lead to backflow issues. Our experts offer quick and efficient anti-siphon valve replacement to safeguard your plumbing. Contact us for a prompt solution.

Pressure-Assist Repair

Pressure-assist toilets may require repair due to issues like reduced flushing power, continuous running, or valve problems. Professional repair can resolve these issues and ensure proper toilet functionality.

Fill Tube Replacement

When your toilet's fill tube is damaged or leaking, it can lead to water wastage and inefficiency. Our team offers swift and precise fill tube replacement to restore your toilet's optimal water flow.

Seal and Gasket Replacement

Damaged seals and gaskets can lead to leaks and inefficiency in your plumbing. Our experts provide quick and effective seal and gasket replacement to restore your system's integrity.

Houston's Best Toilet Installers

Don't trust just any plumber with your toilet repair and installation. Choose Red One Plumbing as your local and licensed plumber who will get the job done right the first time.

Six reasons why we’re the top name for toilet installation and repair in Houston:
  • 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed
  • Free estimates for all plumbing work
  • Fully trained and uniformed technicians
  • Upfront and competitive pricing
  • Financing available
  • 5-star google reviews

our Process

We make it simple, clean and efficient.

  1. I already have my new toilet: If you've recently purchased a new toilet, we'd love to assist you in replacing it.
  2. I need a new toilet: Our skilled technicians are well-versed in determining the ideal toilet size and type tailored for your long-term needs.
  3. We'll handle installation and cleanup: Our Houston plumbers will remove your old toilet, install the new one, clean the work area, and test to ensure everything is working properly.

Contact us today for a free estimate!

Toilet Repair in Houston

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does toilet installation cost?

On average, the cost to replace a toilet can range from $280 to $800. The cost can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of toilet, the complexity of the installation, and your location

What's included in this service?

We handle it all – saying goodbye to your old toilet, setting up your new one, and securing it with necessary parts. We carefully test the new toilet for proper functioning and tidy up the area by clearing away any mess. It's important to mention that the toilet itself isn't included in the installation cost.

For any extra services like fixing drains or changing supply lines and shutoff valves, there might be additional charges. If you're looking into special or hidden-trap toilets, we'd need to check things out on-site for an accurate quote. Toilets needing electrical work are not in our wheelhouse. Keep in mind that installation costs can vary, and prices might change."

Do I need to provide any parts for my toilet installation?

When you decide to purchase your new toilet on your own, all you need to do is have the new toilet ready. Please refrain from opening the box to prevent any potential loss of parts.

Our plumbers will provide any additional necessary parts for the installation, and we'll inform you before proceeding with the setup. The cost of any extra parts required will be added to your invoice for transparency

How do I determine the rough-in size I need for my new toilet?

To ensure you choose a toilet that fits perfectly in your space, it's crucial to measure the rough-in. Determine the rough-in size by measuring the distance from the wall behind your current toilet to the center of the floor bolts.

In the case of older toilets with four bolts, measure from the wall to the rear bolts for the rough-in. Standard rough-in sizes typically come in 10, 12, and 14 inches. Round down to the nearest standard size for an accurate fit

If you're not sure, we suggest give our plumbers a call. They can provide an in-person estimate to accurately assess your needs and ensure the perfect fi

How long does it take to install a toilet?

On average, a professional toilet installation takes one to three hours, but the duration can vary based on factors like complexity and any unforeseen issues. For accurate estimates, contact us today.

Parts of a Toilet

A toilet consists of several parts that work together to flush waste away and refill the tank with water. The main parts of a toilet include:

Parts of a toilet
  • Fill valve: The fill valve is responsible for filling the tank with water after each flush. It is usually located on the left side of the tank.
  • Gasket: Allows water to flow into the bowl when flushed.
  • Water supply line: The supply line is a plumbing component that connects the tank to the water supply. It is typically made of flexible plastic or copper tubing and is responsible for delivering water to the toilet tank for flushing and refilling.
  • Wax ring: The wax ring is a seal that sits between the bowl and the drain pipe. It helps to prevent leaks and odors from escaping into the bathroom.
  • Flush lever: The flush handle is the lever or button that you push to flush the toilet. It is usually located on the front or side of the tank.
  • Flush valve: The toilet flush valve is the mechanism that controls the flow of water from the toilet tank to the bowl when you flush the toilet.
  • Tank bolts: Tank bolts are the bolts that attach the tank to the bowl. They are usually located on the underside of the tank and extend through the mounting holes on the toilet bowl.
  • Flapper: The flapper is a rubber or plastic valve that sits at the bottom of the tank. It is lifted when you flush the toilet, allowing water to flow into the bowl.
  • Toilet bolts: Toilet flange bolts are the bolts that are used to secure the toilet flange to the floor and hold the toilet in place.
  • Toilet flange: The toilet flange, also known as a closet flange, is a plumbing component that is installed on the floor and connects the toilet to the waste pipe. It is a circular, flat piece that has a raised rim around the outside and a collar that extends vertically into the waste pipe.

Contact us today to learn more about our toilet installation and repair in Houston. We're here to help you keep your home running smoothly and efficiently, and provide you with the peace of mind that comes with reliable and high-quality toilet services.

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We had our Master Bathroom completely remodeled and Roberto from red one did an absolutely amazing job. We moved a sink, replaced our whirlpool tub with a free-standing tub, extended our shower and added the Delta 6-way shower kit. This was a complicated remodel and Roberto was patient and meticulous. Definitely recommend Roberto and Red One Plumbing.

Darrin willer

This was an after hour work. We had detected a water leak and needed a plumber urgently. Reached out to red one plumbing and they were responsive and came out to help within 30min. Robert was extremely polite gentleman. He identified the issue right away and fixed it. He did not rush into the job even though it was 10pm at night. The price was was also extremely reasonable. I highly recommend red one plumbing. Very professional and skilled. Thanks again for the help.

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I hired Red One Plumbing to install a new water heater.  The two gentlemen that came to the house were on-time, very thorough, extremely careful about cleanup and protecting the house from damage or water, and they did an excellent job.  The price was also approximately half of what other plumbers in the area quoted.  I would highly recommend them and will certainly hire them any time I need plumbing work done in the future.


Roberto was amazing! He was very thorough, explained everything, quick resolution. Price was substantially less than the big name company we called first. I’m so glad we heard about him from our friends!

lisa k

My shower drain was not working and dispute my attempts to clear the hair and the drain nothing I did worked. Called Red One and they brought in better tools a whole day sooner than first planned. They did all they could until it was clear the issue was impacting the entire house not just the shower

roxanne hall

Roberto from Red One Plumbing came out the same day for an estimate ( 1 of 3) and offered the best value PLUS same day service ! This was awesome since insurance wasn’t operating and I needed hot water ASAP! I would recommend them for your water heater installation!

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