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6 Ways To Identify A Leak In Your Plumbing

October 12, 2022

Although plumbing leaks are expected, a prolonged leak causes your home’s structure to weaken. At the same time, it creates an avenue for the development of disease-causing mould, fungi, and bacteria. Plumbing leaks may occur anywhere, including on the ceiling, underground, and behind walls. In case of a leak, our experts at Red One Plumbing offers professional leak detection services in Houston,TX to help you identify leaks in your plumbing, we have compiled the following signs to look out for in your home.

1. Water Near Plumbing Appliances

Most leaks occur near plumbing appliances such as faucets, toilet basins, tanks, and shower heads. However, when you notice water droplets or pooling, don’t try to fix it yourself. You might cause further damage to your plumbing system. Let our professionals perform the work for you.

2. Differences In Meter Reading When Water Outlets Are Shut-Off

When you turn off all the water outlets and appliances for two to three hours, the numbers in your water meter should not change. A change in the water meter reading shows that you have a plumbing leak.

3. Patches On The Lawn

Pipe leaks underground will form greener patches on your lawn. Moreover, the grass around the green patch will grow faster than the rest. Sometimes, you may even see puddles on the lawn.

4. Wall Discoloration

Yellow or brown walls and ceiling stains indicate a water leak behind the drywall. Our experts will fix the leak promptly and permanently before it causes damage to the house’s structure.

5. Bubbling Paint

An area of bulging paint shows there is a leak in the adjacent pipes. The bulging occurs after the painted wall becomes soaked by water. This results in the paint peeling away from the wall.

6. Visual Mold Growth

A prolonged water leak will eventually lead to mold growth in your walls. However, some mold might grow far away from your visual inspection. In that case, you will get some musty odors from your house.

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