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Ways To Stop A Dripping Faucet

August 14, 2022
Dripping Faucet Houston, TX

Leaky Faucet?

A leaky faucet wastes both money and water. If left unaddressed, the sound of a leak can be a persistent annoyance, and the drips can stain sink basins. Although leaky faucet repair is easy and affordable, there are some things you need to know before fixing the problem.

Type Of Faucets:

Identifying the type of faucet, you use in your home is a crucial first step before making any repairs. The most common types include:

1. Compression Faucets

Compression faucets are commonly found in older homes. They have a separate handle or knob for the cold and hot water, and you must tighten the handles down to shut off the water flow.

2. Cartridge Faucets

Unlike compression faucets, cartridge faucets are newer and more reliable. They also have distinct handles for cold and hot water. They turn on and off easily.

3. Ball Faucets

These faucets have a single handle or knob for cold and hot water. The handle lifts to control water flow and moves side to side to regulate temperatures.

4. Disc Faucets

These faucets resemble ball faucets but have a wider base and are commonly found in modern kitchens and baths. They’re arguably the most reliable faucets, needing little maintenance and repairs.

Repairing A Leaky Faucet

Here are some handy tips to help stop a leaking faucet from turning into a serious problem:

Replace Your Fixture

In some cases, it’s best to replace the sink faucet if the leak persists. Try to get a newer model that reduces your overall water use and allows you to save some dollars on your water bills.

Inspect The Hardware

A slowly dripping faucet usually indicates a problem with your sink’s hardware. In most cases, you can stop the drip by replacing the O-ring and washer. In other cases, nevertheless, you may need to disassemble the faucet and change the valve seat. Although you can handle the O-ring yourself, it’s best to contact Red One Plumbing to perform more complex tasks efficiently and professionally.

Shut-Off The Valve

If you’ve tried to repair the leaking faucet and the leak hasn’t stopped, close the valve beneath the sink and contact Red One Plumbing to address the problem. Although you won’t be able to use the sink, you’ll not be losing water until it’s fixed.

If you’ve tried these tricks and the leak doesn’t stop, contact Red One Plumbing right away. We’ll solve your problem immediately, and you’ll not need to worry about wasting water or money. We have been offering professional plumbing, drain cleaning, and water heater services in Houston, TX, and neighboring areas since 2015.

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